Former Eagle Vinny Curry is dunking on Anti-Vaxxers online

Earlier this year Vinny Curry was diagnosed with a blood disorder by the Jets’ doctors and his his spleen removed. He was supposed to come back mid September but now he has to go on blood thinners due to blood clots and won’t be able to play at all this season.

Vinny has been a proponent of the COVID-19 Vaccine so naturally a bunch of really cool anonymous Twitter dorks are coming at him and he’s handling them better than I’ve seen anyone handle COVID related drama.

How about this guy calling it “the jab”. What’s that about?

He’s being extremely respectful while also letting everyone know how dumb this theory is that the vaccine ended his career because 1. His career isn’t over and B. Blood clots can happen to anyone just ask my friend Kmess.

By the way, he’s going to be okay. How much of a bummer is it that he had to add that in there on his own because people were more concerned with something that has nothing to do with the situation.

I’ve always been a fan of his (probably because we have the same name) but I’m a Vinny Curry guy through and through now. Can’t wait to see him back next year.

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