Caroline Calloway Denies Allegations That She Has A Long Ass

If you don’t know who Caroline is, I get it. I didn’t know who she was either until she started posting some nudes on Twitter. Read about that by clicking here. Since posting her nudes Caroline has decided to make an OnlyFans account. I’m not a big buy nudes guy so I won’t be accessing that but for the small price of $50 a month you can see what she posts. As far as I can tell she pretty much posts everything on Twitter anyway, so maybe save your money and just follow her if you have an itch that only she can virtually scratch.

From this point on probably a NSFW zone.

The reason I’m coming back to the somewhat well known Instagram influencer who posts their nudes on Twitter well is because A. People click on stuff like this and B. Because people are making fun of her ass and that’s old school internet funny. This relatively attractive girl with a following posts some nudes and Twitter makes fun of her. A tale as old as time itself.

From my very limited effort I think this post might be what started everything.

Apparently people are saying she has a “long ass” and that has to be the laziest but funniest insult ever. She is very much online and seems to reply to or at least address most of what you say to and about her on Twitter.

She hasn’t let the ass slandering stop her from her goal. I don’t know if it’s actually her goal or what the goal is really but she’s still just posting nudes that if you really want you can pay $50 to see?

After a photoshop here and a photoshop there it does seem like the ass slander may have gotten to her. I won’t say she’s hit rock bottom but the long ass truthers might say that.

Among the ass slander she can still have some fun, good to see. She’s just so strong and I hope she can overcome this. Along with $50 a month onlyfans she also has a website. It is behind a paywall and could you imagine how much money CEO Joe would make if he put Branded behind a paywall? I mean how much would you have paid to seen this? $100,000-$600,000 I imagine. I mean what other Philly sports site has a guy from NH compiling random ass shots from some random white girl on Twitter? Literally no other site. This is what we in the content game call “gold”.

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