Rumors Are Flying That Jimmy Butler And Rachel Nichols Hooked Up In The Bubble

In the wake of Rachel Nichols being removed from the NBA Finals due to her comments about Maria Taylor, there is a new rumor coming to the surface that involves a very married Rachel Nichols and J-But, Jimmy Butler.

I know I’m not the first to say it–the sexual tension between those two is palpable. When you can have a complete conversation with just eye contact, it means at one point in your life you have definitely fucked. Best friends, family members, I don’t care. You don’t have that level of connection with someone you haven’t been inside of.

I wonder if Rachel was the inspiration behind Big Face Coffee, or at least helped promote the brand in the bubble, maybe even set the pricing model. No one that level headed has the audacity to charge $20 a cup.

Butler also told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that he recently received his first batch of Big Face Coffee beans. He said he planned to make Goran Dragic the model for the company, adding that he wouldn’t get paid for it, either.

“It’s in motion, and I think it’s going to be a big thing,” Butler said.,of%20running%20his%20own%20caf%C3%A9.

Are we even sure here Jimmy was talking about the coffee company, or was he talking about him and Rachel? Perhaps this scandal is really a roundabout way to get fired from ESPN and make her relationship with Jimmy Butler public and legal. We’ll find out soon!


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