Couple Argue Over What To Watch On TV

Trouble in paradise again for on/off couple Antonio “Units” Marino and Elena “RBF” Romano as they are “done for good” according to sources close to the couple.

I’m being told that an argument about what to watch on TV was the final straw for the couple who met 3 months ago at Premier in Atlantic City.

“Babe I know it’s triple eviction night in the Big Brother house, but I gotta chromecast this stream of my internet best friends watching the Jets Broncos game!” Antonio was quoted as saying per his pet parrot “Parrot D”

“I’m so sick and tired of hearing about them Tony! All you do is call me a suck bag and tell me life’s too short to bet the under. What does that even mean?!” Elana shouted at Antonio.

Parrot D (who asked to remain anonymous) told me that it was after this that Elana packed up her belongings and asked for her name to be taken off of the lease to their 2 bedroom 3 bath apartment.

“Babe please I’m sorry!” Antonio told Elana. “I’ve known that you’re the one for me since I laid eyes on you from a distance at Premier back in August. And when you turnpiked me after the DJ played Right Round (by Flo-Rida) I knew right then and there that there’s no other girl I’d rather spend the rest of life buying vodka Red Bull’s for.”

It was at that moment Elana dropped her bags ready to give love another chance.

As she walked towards Antonio to (with arms wide open) he embraced her and said “Plus we’ve still got plenty of game left.”

Elana suddenly became overcame with anger and shouted “Fuck you Tony I’m leaving!”

Antonio took the news in stride and tweeted his internet friends (who he’s never met but has spent $1299 buying their merch in exchange for 1 Twitter RT).

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