“Florida Man” plus Birthday in Google goes VIRAL

Murt 7

There are constantly jokes about “the news that happens in Florida” and how bizarre it is. So as I’m randomly scrolling through Facebook, I see this meme and it made me very curious especially since it apparently went viral…

So naturally I went to google and put in “Florida Man July 23” and I haven’t laughed so hard in a while:

Image – Google

First of all…what in the actual fuck??? Is this real life?

Please take a 1 minute break from your day and google “Florida Man” plus your birthday to see what insane news story you get!

Note: I realize that lately my blogs have been completely immature and hold no educational value what so ever to the human brain and I’m totally okay with that. Have a great day!

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7 thoughts on ““Florida Man” plus Birthday in Google goes VIRAL

  1. I see my birthday twins here 🤪😂 I legit have never met anyone with the same birthday as me! But this headline is gold 😂

  2. I am also a birthday buddy! July 23rd for the win. But I didn’t find this hilarious headline in my google search.

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