Jayson Tatum Is Getting Double Teamed On And Now Off The Court

According to BlackSportsOnline.com, Jayson Tatum is having a little trouble managing multiple women at once, which is very shocking.

As a reminder, Jayson Tatum is 20 years old. At 20 years old I was chugging water bottles of grape Burnett’s in my car before going to anything but clothes parties but life is much different for a 20 year old NBA star who was the #3 pick in the draft.

For a crash course in Tatum’s love life (something that feels very creepy doing as a 30 year old woman), Tatum started dating his baby mama Toriah Lachell when he was going to Duke in 2014. In December 2017, Lachell gave birth to Tatum’s son Jayson Tatum Jr. and from all accounts it doesn’t seem like they were together at time. Jayson’s mom helped coordinate a place for Toriah and Jayson Jr. to stay in Boston so that they could both raise their son together.



Now here’s where it gets tricky for everyone involved. Jayson was also dating Samie Amos, a volleyball player at Duke so now I’m a little confused about the timeline of when one started and the other one ended, but something tells me Tatum and the 2 women are also confused.



Sometime in July, Amos and Tatum broke up and speculation started that Tatum and his baby mama were back together.

Jayson and Samie broke up. Lol obviously because Jayson and Toriah are probably in the sheets again. It’s hard being with someone who just had a baby with someone else. –SportsGossip.com

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 1.30.49 PM

Earlier this month when Jayson posted a pic on Instagram celebrating his son’s 1st birthday, the ex-gf non baby mama took exception to the post. Like I’ve always said, you never know when the mental breakdowns are going to hit and sometimes a picture of your ex’s son celebrating his first birthday in a ball pit with his baby mama that he cheated on you with will do the trick. Granted I have to keep reminding myself that these people aren’t even old enough to legally drink alcohol yet. If everything I posted on social media at age 20 was plastered all over the internet for random bloggers like me to post about I wouldn’t be too thrilled. It would mostly have been drunk videos of me recording my cat sleeping but that’s not the point.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 1.45.05 PM

She has since deleted or changed her IG, but made sure to post a disparaging quote from herself? with his name tagged in it to her story.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 1.44.56 PM

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this quote here from Samie. I’m unequivocally better in all aspects than any guy I’ve ever dated or liked. I’m perfect and any one that doesn’t agree played their damn self, just like she says. “Good luck finding a girl who put up with you like I did” is such a classic zinger I bet Tatum is still recovering from that one.

Being in the thick of the NBA season, I’m sure this is not something that Tatum is trying to focus on, especially with the Celtics currently sitting at the 5 seed in the East. Unfortunately baby mama drama doesn’t follow a strict schedule, so he’ll have to try to figure out how to make both ladies happy.  Luckily he has a team and a whole league of guys that know a little something about that to give him some guidance.




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