January Jones Has Been Put On Notice For Her Desperate Attention Seeking Bikini Pics

The National Inquirer has put January Jones on fucking notice.

I really wanted to do some like joking attempt to agree with the National Inquirer to make this more entertaining but I can’t. I’ve been wrongfully dubbed the horny guy at Branded but I refuse to slander January Jones. Mad Men is my favorite show of all time and I won’t even pretend to hide it.

There’s a few directions I could take this blog. You can go the feminism, women empower 2020 route. I could bash the National Inquirer for being a shitty tabloid that 50 year olds read in line at the grocery store and that’s it. I could even lie for views and say the Inquirer is right and January Jones is washed up and doing this for attention.

That would be doing a disservice to you, myself and January Jones. Instead, I’m just going to show you what the National Inquirer calls desperate. I call it an absolute rocket show but that’s why I don’t work for those jackoffs.

#DESPERATE. Go off queen.

Before I go I do just have to say, she’s 42 and looks like that. Maybe God is real.

I am scrolling through though and she really has way less bikini pictures to choose from than I expected. I mean to call her desperate and I have to actually search for pictures is tough. Branded is very pro Vanessa Hudgens and as someone who blogs about her a lot, there’s way more pictures to choose from then in January’s page.

I’ll leave you with these.

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