I Hope Lane Johnson Is Still Concerned With The Fun The Patriots Don’t Have Because Watching Him Play Football Has Been The Least Fun Thing About The Eagles This Year

This is less about the game yesterday and more about how I personally have been annoyed by some Eagles players all off-season.  Let’s get this out-of-the-way.  The Eagles should have won.  They fumbled on the 6.  Wendell Smallwood dropped a first down that could have turned into a TD on the 3.  The Michael Bennett roughing the passer was absurd (I’ll get to that) they gave back 2 missed field goals with a fumble for a TD because Lane Johnson has played like a fucking bum and Alshon dropped a huge first down.  Now with all of that they still had many chances to win, they should have and could have won, but they didn’t.  They could not get it done when it mattered and good teams get it done when it matters, are the Eagles still a good team? I think so.  Will they still win the NFC East, yes.

Now the Bennett roughing the passer was horse shit.  It is not why the Eagles lost.  The Eagles lost because they couldn’t make plays when it mattered most, the O-line was a revolving door and 11 was running for his life somehow still making plays.  Wentz is only going to get better as the season goes on so do not worry about him.  Jalen Mills I don’t even have to talk about, he’s just not good but again, they have to make adjustments as coaches to realize that.  The dude stinks out loud.  That is all I’m going to say about the game, it is what it is, it sucked, it hurt and it’s over with.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda, lost.  End of story.

Lane Johnson however I would like to have a word with.  Lane Johnson needs to make a decision next time he wants to open his big fucking mouth.  If you’re gonna run it, and talk about the Pats how “They don’t have fun” they “Take it to seriously” all off-season you better play your fucking ass off, you better not be the reason the team suffers and your QB is getting crushed.  However, he is the reason for those things because instead of  practicing and lifting, he was lifting a mic to his face to run that jaw every 10 minutes.  If Lane somehow see’s this I would like him to know a few more things and I will beat him down (verbally) and I don’t really care about it one bit.

Last year Lane was a stud, the best tackle in football by far.  He was a major part in winning a Super Bowl and he will always have my love for that.  I was ok with him talking about the Pats in February, I was ok with it in March and April, then in June, and August I thought it got to be too much.  He was more worried about getting a picture of a shitty billboard then playing a preseason game, and I get it, it’s only preseason but the Super Bowl is over I don’t care about it anymore.  I want to win another one I want to be great and start a dynasty.  Miss me with this bullshit Lane.  You do not get a fucking pass because you won one Super Bowl.

You do not get a fucking break because you had one good season.  You do not get to relax.  Us average Joe’s working 9-5 don’t get to mail it in after a good month at work, we have to keep working hard or we don’t eat.  And no I am not holding it against you for being  pro athlete but this is your career this is the life you choose and you get paid handsomely for it, so fucking be better!  Stop worrying so much about the little fun they have in New England and start winning.  Which is a stupid fucking thing to worry about and someone should have brought this up.  Do you know how un-fun it can get here when you lose?  Listen I love this fan base and I love what our rep does for us but you live here and play for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Do you realize how tough that is when you’re playing awful?  These people will make your life a living fucking hell.  They won’t care, they won’t take a second thought to consider you wanting to have fun.  I try my best to not curse in my blogs and you’ve made me say “fucking” a lot, you fucking turnstile. Stop worrying about the fucking Patriots and go do your job for me one time!  Shut your mouth and block someone.

Now I don’t want to be to hard on Lane or the rest of the team, even though I was pretty harsh as a knee jerk reaction to a frustrating loss.  But I mean everything I say, this city will not be fun to play in if this keeps up.  I know Lane will get it fixed and I know the team will figure it out.  Let’s go get it done.  Because the “New Norm” has felt like the old ways.  Get it done, or get out.


This shit?  Aint gonna cut it no more.  This was on you those 7 points in a 2 point loss are on you Lane, was that fun?

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October 13, 2018 12:00 pm

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