Update: Jayson Tatum Has Now Left His Baby Mama To Be Boo’d Up With Singer Ella Mai

At the end of 2018 I did a deep dive into Celtics’ Jayson Tatum’s love life, often one of my favorite spare time activities. When people ask “so, what do you do for fun?”, I usually answer something like hang out with my friends! go to the beach! but if anyone did any actual digging you’d find that 90% of my time is spent analyzing celebrity and athlete relationships. After becoming the official source on Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo’s tumultuous on and off relationship, I now have my sights set on the NBA and Jayson Tatum.

For a quick refresher, back in 2017 Jayson became a father to his baby Jayson Tatum Jr, affectionally called Deuce, with his college girlfriend. Here is an adorable clip of them during All Star Weekend.

The timeline is a bit foggy, but during this time Jayson was also dating another Duke student, Samie Amos. At the end of the year last year she started posting basic Instagram stories about how he played himself and it appeared that Jayson and his baby mama Toriah were rekindling things. You can catch that whole story in the first blog.

It seems like everything has since changed when singer Ella Mai left one emoji on Tatum’s Instagram.


The internet loves a good celebrity/athlete romance so once Ella looked in Jayson’s direction everybody was ‘shipping it’. Don’t ask me the formal definition of that but basically they all wanted it to be a thing, and apparently so did Ella and Jayson.

According to MTO News, multiple sources can now confirm the two are officially an item. I guess after Ella shot her shot Jayson kept up on Insta commenting and liking a ton of her pics. It’s proof that if you want someone bad enough just comment the eyeballs emoji on their pics and you just might start dating. Probably can’t hurt to be the newest and hottest singer on the scene but worth a try.


After Ella won a Grammy, Jayson followed up with some emoji’s of his own. I guess eventually the two were put into contact and ended up being into each other in real life instead of just over Instagram.

A few weeks ago Tatum flew from Boston to Baltimore to see Ella in concert and at 6’8 it’s not exactly easy to hide in the crowd.


Now I’m trying to put the pieces together on these two to see how long this could have been going on. I realized Ella has a song called “Shot Clock” on her debut album and if you’re not into basketball you’ll have to watch the video to grasp that this is indeed a basketball term. Jayson Tatum might know a little something about the shot clock since you know, he is a professional basketball player.

Upon further review, a few shots in the music video show Ella in the middle of a dark basketball court, with what looks like the number 0 right in the middle. What number is Jayson Tatum you ask? Well, that would be 0.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 3.58.47 PM.png

This video was released in January and it’s very possible the whole thing was a subtle-not-so-subtle clue to Tatum since Ella was the one to initiate the whole thing in the first place.

No word on how Tatum’s baby mama is handling things, and I’m sure after things fizzle out between Jayson and Ella turn out he’ll be right back at Toriah’s doorstep. People forget, he is still 20 years old. If his baby mama was smart she’d start Instagram commenting on someone like Trey Songz page to get even. Bring the NBA and the music industry one step closer.



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Tasha Flowers
Tasha Flowers
March 9, 2021 2:41 pm

Can you do one of these for Jaylen Brownn