Patriots Fans Are Now Convinced They Are Getting Deshaun Watson


For the first time in many Patriots fans lives, all bets are off. We have no idea how to react to the onslaught of free agent signings that have been made in the past 2 days. This may in fact be the 7th most exciting moment in franchise history.

So after 2 days, us Patriots fans are now addicted to that Breaking News Your Team Signed thrill. They’ve literally signed every free agent available. That’s historical, ground breaking territory for Bill Belichick. Even Felger and Mazz are having a hard time complaining. So if they can upgrade from Ryan Izzo to Hunter Henry AND Jonnu Smith, who is to say they’re out on Deshaun Watson? The answer: no one.

Feits is right. The water is actually scalding hot. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. All the other idioms. The only thing that would possibly be more shocking than what has happened in the past few days would be to bring Deshaun Watson to New England so that’s what we need to maintain the high. I heard if enough people tweet about it, it always happens. All Patriots fans need to start photoshopping the jerseys is a headline from a blue check mark.

This article is on The Athletic so I’m not sure exactly what it says, but by the headline alone he’s admitting it’s not mentally insane to think the Patriots even have a chance at trading for Deshaun Watson. Connecting the dots here it absolutely means the Patriots are about to trade for Deshaun Watson. Only reasonable conclusion from a headline like that.

After recently learning that the salary cap is fake and money isn’t real, I can also confidently say that it’s fiscally no problem at all to make this trade.

When we’re watching Cam Newton miss Nelson Agholor on 3rd and 8 from the 30 yard line after 2 straight running plays, we’ll look back on the hopeful innocence of March 2021, when we all thought there was a chance Deshaun Watson would be a New England Patriot.


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