Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys… Reunion!

This weekend the NFC East is on the line!  Who would have thought 3 well under .500 teams would be fighting out the division title in week 17 when the season started?  …Welp 2020.  Jason Garrett is currently the OC of the New York Giants and would love nothing more than to beat the Dallas Cowboys to end their season and possibly head to the playoffs.

Earlier in the Season the Cowboys defeated Jason and the Giants, but at their greatest cost of the season… Losing Dak Prescott during that game.  But never forget who was one of the first people out to comfort Dak was, McCarthy?  Nope.  Jason Garrett.  Yes, it was closer to the Giants sideline and yes it takes Mike McCarthy a long time to walk anywhere but still.. Never forget that.

And, never forget he never wanted to leave Dallas.  And also never forget… Jerry never wanted to fire Jason.  I guarantee if Jerry knew what kind of year 2020 was going to be, he would have kept Jason on as the Cowboys head coach to keep continuity during the crazy offseason.

I also believe that there is a good chance that no matter what happens with the Giants this season that Joe Judge and the Giants may move on from Garrett.  Yes, the offense has been somewhat better later in the year, but there have been rumblings that Judge and Garrett don’t always get along.  Also don’t forget that Judge got into an altercation with Garrett’s guy Marc Columbo and fired him half way through the season.

So I think there is a very good chance that Jason Garrett is not part of the Giants coaching staff in 2021.

Now, move over to Dallas…

It is 99.9% a lock that Cowboys OC Kellen Moore is moving on.  One of his “dream jobs” has opened.. Head coach at his alma mater, Boise State.  Kellen has already interviewed for the job and has been hinting during interviews that he is moving on as well.  Jerry Jones during an interview today on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas basically said that if the opportunity is there Kellen should take it and he encourages him to take it.  Kellen and Jason are very close, Garrett brought Kellen on to his staff and it seems that Kellen and McCarthy are not as close and the opening at Boise State is a chance for him to move on from McCarthy’s staff as well.

So that opens up the Dallas OC for the 2021 season…

What does Jerry like?  Friends.  (not the show, but his own friends.. And, who knows maybe the show too.) And he likes to feel comfortable and safe.  Hence why Jason was the head coach for almost 10 years.  So, there will be a time where Jason Garrett will be looking for a job and Jerry Jones will be looking for an OC…

I mean, this is my nightmare as a Cowboys fan.  As long as Jason does not go join Kellen’s staff at Boise State, which I don’t really see.  Not sure if Jason is ready to coach under a pupil and not sure if he wants to head to college.

I mean come on… You see it.

If Jerry went to his new yes man, Mike McCarthy and said… “Listen Mike, I love ya and think you are doin a hell of a job.  I know the perfect guy to be our new OC.  Knows the team, is a good friend, good man and will fit perfectly.  It’s Jason Garrett.”

…What is Mike gonna say, no? HA!  He would just have to roll with it.  The same way he kept Kellen Moore on his staff because he “wanted to.”

What would be more Jerry Jones than bringing back your former head coach to be your OC under your new head coach the year after you (were forced) to fire him?

And then… Never forget Jason was the Cowboys OC under Wade Phillips.  And, the minute the Cowboys started struggling Jason was stabbing Phillips directly in the back and took his job from him mid season to then become to full time head coach…

Just wait, Cowboys have a losing record half way through 2021.  Fans are annoyed with another bad season.  Media is calling for McCarthy’s head.  McCarthy was basically forced on Jerry because he never wanted to fire Jason, and now Jason is on his coaching staff again… That makes firing McCarthy much easier and makes Jerry a happy man again… Jason is named interim head coach 11 games into 2021 and…

Is the Dallas Cowboys full time head coach again in 2022.

I hate conspiracy theories too… But just think about this fucking puzzle.  It may not make sense in our world, but it works perfectly in Jerry Jones’s world.


Feature Image – Bleacher Report

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