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My name is John Rich, and I am the newest blogger/contributor/words writer (idk) for Branded Sports. I could not be more excited to finally have a real place to get some of my *content* out. I’ve been blogging on and off on my own WordPress site JohnRichTV.com for the last few years. Recently I’ve gotten back into it, and luckily CEO Joe (I think that’s what we call him?) gave me an enormous contract, and now I am a member of the Branded Sports team. First things first, I figured I should let you know a little bit about myself.

I was born in Bloomington, Indiana, but I grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio. Currently I live in Columbus, Ohio. Sports wise, I am a fan of the Indiana Hoosiers, Bowling Green Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, and Columbus Blue Jackets. I also reserve my right to cheer for other teams when convenient for me. I love writing about sports, and I love writing about dumb shit. For example, I recently did a series of blogs on colors (black, white, red, green, blue, etc.). I also wrote 2000 words on the life of Oscar the Grouch and how he ended up in the trash can. I’m not sure if directing you to my old site to read my old stuff is frowned upon or not. Please keep all of your clicks to http://www.TheBrandedSports.com (but they’re not hard to find if you’re interested). I might end up posting some on here if I get the ok.

Here are some more random things about me:

I am currently on a crusade to get my Alma Mater Bowling Green State University to fire their football coach (Scott Loeffler), and hire Marvin Lewis. It is only a matter of time before it happens. I’ll get that blog posted here too because it is extremely important.

I spend an irresponsible amount of time on Twitter. There has been a lot of negative talk about Twitter’s new Fleet feature, and I don’t appreciate it one bit. I am fully here for Fleets, and plan on being one of Twitter’s premier Fleeters moving forward. I ate an edible the other night and had the revolutionary idea to start a trend where when the Bowling Green Falcon football team covers the spread, I will Fleet a lasagna. I really think it is going to catch on.

My little brother is a goalie for the Bowling Green Falcons hockey team. So far he has played 10 minutes of shutout hockey in his 3 years on the team. Shoutout Brett Rich.

My dad is a singer songwriter by the name of Greg Rich. You can find his 2 albums, Winds of Bowling Green and Cancer Survivor, on iTunes and Spotify.

In moments of weakness I am liable to tweet rap lyrics in ALL CAPS. It is a reality that I have to live with every day, and one that I am working on fixing. I have been rap lyric free since *checks notes* 2 days ago. But Gucci and Jeezy were doing the VERZUZ thing so I had no choice but to relapse. It’s ok though, just one lyric won’t hurt. I can stop whenever I want. Gucci boat raced Jeezy btw.

I am of the humble opinion that if I didn’t grow late that I would have been a Division 1 athlete in the sport of my choosing. I’ve come to this conclusion based on my slow pitch softball, and drop-in hockey prowess. I overcompensate by caring way to much about beer league sports.

I have a budding rivalry with John Rich the country singer. Most recently that coward ignored me when I challenged him to a John Rich-off, but that hillbilly fuck can’t hide forever.

Being an Indiana Hoosiers fan in Columbus is actually a delight. Everyone is super nice to me because we’re never really a threat to Ohio State. That’s about to change today though, and I’m going to be insufferable about it.

Indiana 42, Ohio State 6

I have a dog named Dock. I found him on the street one day and he’s been my best friend ever since. I like to use my mediocre photoshop skills to photoshop his head onto people.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m going to start out with some blogs, but hopefully soon I’ll have some sort of podcast/live stream up and running. Maybe I’ll get into the Twitch game. Maybe both. I’d love for the world to see Jontell Richardson win the Heisman in NCAA14. Or Javon Rice take the NBA2K world by storm.

I hope soon I’ll be able to collaborate with some of the other Branded Sports personalities. I love everything I’ve seen since I started following this site. I can tell there are a ton of talented people here, and I’m just excited to be given a chance.

Give me a follow on Twitter @JohnRichTV if you enjoy Fleeting

Let’s Fucking Go.



John Rich

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