The Patriots Hire Former New England All-Pro as Linebackers Coach


I’ll keep an open mind because we haven’t hit draft day yet, but I’m pretty sure this will be the best acquisition the Patriots make all offseason.

The brilliant mind of Bill Belichick has something brewing and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s to groom Mayo into the Patriots next defensive coordinator. Step one, get him comfortable and have him take care of Hightower and the linebackers, which he did so well in his playing career.

I’m sure, for most former players, adjusting to coaching in the league can be a difficult transition. But I’ve never been less worried about something like that than I am about Coach Mayo running the linebackers. He was basically coaching them when he played already. He’s so smart and so in tune with what’s going on and how to call Bill’s defense. Add in the fact that he’s once again working with Hightower, who once upon a time was working side by side with Mayo, learning how to command the middle of the field.

The other benefit to having Mayo around is that it’s one more face I trust on the defensive side of the ball. I’ll be candid, and I’d never question the great and holy Bill Belichick, but Schiano seems like a wild card. Under the control of Belichick that may change, but anywhere else in the league there would be a lot of question marks surrounding Schiano.

I trust Bill so ipso-facto I’ll trust Schiano, but knowing Mayo will have the linebackers ready to go makes me feel a lot better about it.

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