Belichick vs. Adam Thielen Is The Best New NFL Rivalry

Adam Thielen is one of those wide receivers that you can’t even joke about being a Patriot because everyone on Twitter will attack you for being unoriginal even though it’s definitely true. But as my heart and soul Wes Welker knows best, going head to head against Bill Belichick is not something you should try. Especially when you’re not even on the team (yet).

About halfway through the 4th quarter, the Patriots defense stuffed the Vikings on a 4th down that was CLEARLY not a first down despite being called one on the field. Belichick had to use his second challenge of the game even though I mentioned it was clear as day that the Vikings didn’t get it.

Thielen was pissed because Patrick Chung was either acting hurt or was hurt on the sideline (an unimportant distinction), giving the Patriots a few more looks to decide to challenge or not. Again, the challenge was completely justified but even though they went on to lose the argument against the call, Thielen didn’t like what Chung did and yelled in the direction of the Patriots sideline… “that’s bullshit.”

I imagine the sound of screeching tires as the words pass from Thielen’s mouth to Belichick’s ears. What the fuck did this guy just say?

Grown men (and some women don’t judge) across New England got boners watching Bill Belichick scream “shut the fuck up” at another player. You people like Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, this is my kind of Masshole erotica.

Starting a war with the leader of the Evil Empire; the most genius, grumpiest football mind in NFL history is something Adam Thielen definitely already regrets. On the play after this targeted at Thielen, this is what happened:

I immediately went to Wikipedia to update Adam Thielen’s page to say owned by Bill Belichick but it was too complicated. You could tell Thielen was rattled in the locker room after the game.

Stumbling over his words, Thielen tries to convince everyone Bill Belichick doesn’t have a beachfront property in his brain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Thielen goes off a complete cliff after this incident…and just when it looks like it’s over, Bill Belichick revives his career and he catches 100 passes with a 47 year old Tom Brady.

To be fair this scuffle with Belichick wasn’t even Adam Thielen’s most embarrassing moment of the night.

RIP Adam Thielen.

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