Walsh’s Winners Week 2 Recap

Well, week 2 was something thats for sure. You know early in the season is always the hardest and this week proved that once again. That being said, there may have been some picks that I should have seen coming as losers. Hand up, thats on me I’ll take the blame on that one.

That being said…It wasn’t a horrible week. I mean it wasn’t good by any means as we had 7 losses in our straight picks but still finished with a winning record of 9-7.

All of our losses were close too it’s not like they were complete misses. I mean the Packers lost by a point, the Chargers lost in OT, Denver lost on a failed two point conversion, the Lions lost a heartbreaker and the Browns pulled a Browns. Plus the Bengals/Ravens game we all knew was going to be close so I don’t feel too bad about the losers that I did pick.

Walsh’s Winners on the other hand…

The Packers(-1.5) just needed Jordan Love to put on his best Aaron Rodgers face and he couldn’t do it. Then I don’t know how the Chargers(-3) keep doing this where they can’t win close games. As for the Ravens/Bengals(O/U 46.5) I let the fact that this was a division game sell me on that it was going to be low scoring. I was wrong.

We did get one win though as the Dolphins(-3) won by a touchdown against the Pats. That one was almost a sweat but the Fins pulled through.

Bottom line is we need to be better and we will be better. We’re on to week 3 and I’m feeling dangerous.


Straight Picks:(20-12)

Walsh’s Winners:(4-3)

With week 3 just a few short days away I’m hitting the books, watching film and making sure we’re at the top of our game for week 3.

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