Walsh’s Winners: NFL Week 2 Picks

Ahhh baby did it feel so good to have football back. Spending all day in front of the TV eating wings and watching football while supporting a hangover from the night before, it truly couldn’t have gotten much better.

On top of that we had ourselves a GREAT weekend of gambling. I hit on Texas ML Saturday night over Bama, the Under in the USC game and a few more college football bets. You’ll see those if you follow me on Twitter 😉

Then we carried that momentum into Sunday as we went 3-0 on my locks of the weekend AKA Walsh’s Winners!! I told you we were staying green this year people!!

Now, enough about last week we’re onto week 2.

This week has some interesting matchups and as I stated last week this year you’re getting a full youtube video and the blog so enjoy and please make sure to like, subscribe, follow, share, and comment!

Straight Picks:

Thursday Night Football:

Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles-Walsh’s Winner:Eagles

Sunday 1:00PM Games:

Seattle Seahawks(0-1) vs Detroit Lions(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner:Lions

Las Vegas Raiders(1-0) vs Buffalo Bills(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner:Bills

Baltimore Ravens(1-0) vs Cincinnati Bengals(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner:Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs(0-1) vs Jacksonville Jaguars(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner:Jaguars

Los Angeles Chargers(0-1) vs Tennessee Titans(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Chargers

Green Bay Packers(1-0) vs Atlanta Falcons(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner: Packers

Indianapolis Colts(0-1) vs Houston Texans(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner: Colts

Chicago Bears(0-1) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner: Buccaneers

Sunday 4:00PM Games:

New York Giants(0-1) vs Arizona Cardinals(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Giants

San Francisco 49ers(1-0) vs Los Angeles Rams(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner: 49ers

New York Jets(1-0) vs Dallas Cowboys(1-0)-Walsh’s Winner: Cowboys

Washington Commanders(1-0) vs Denver Broncos(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Broncos

Sunday Night Football:

Miami Dolphins(1-0) vs New England Patriots(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Dolphins

Monday Night Football:

New Orleans Saints(1-0) vs Carolina Panthers(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Saints

Cleveland Browns(1-0) vs Pittsburgh Steelers(0-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Browns

Straight Picks Record(11-5)

Walsh’s Winners(Locks of the weekend):

Packers -1.5

Chargers -3

Ravens/Bengals Under 46.5

Dolphins -3

Walsh’s Winners Record(3-0)

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