If we dont get the 2024 College Football Video Game Im going to lose my mind

After taking away one of the greatest video games of all time in 2014 EA Sports finally announced it would be coming back. NCAA Football was scheduled to come back in 2024 and the world was going to be whole again.

Now it seems like we might not be getting it like we all hoped. Apparently the CFPA wants to boycott the game due to them not getting enough money for being a part of it.

This is absolute bullshit if you ask me. We don’t care about having real players in the game. Sure it’ll be cool to play as some of the best college football players today and maybe even some classic teams. But we just want the damn game back already. I want Road to Glory back where I can make myself a QB who throws for 550 yards a game and 8 TDs while rushing for 200 Yards and 2 more TDs.

Having real players isn’t what makes this game great, it’s the Road To Glory and being able to play as college teams. It was always better than Madden and we need it back. Plus now having the College Football Playoff in the game is going to be electric.

Hopefully they get this issue resolved and we will get this game sooner rather than later because I for one can not wait much longer.

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