Doja Cat Flakes On Her Promise to Show Off Her Boobs After Her Song ‘Say So’ Hits #1

It all started with a fruitful promise and a simple concept. Stream Doja Cat’s mega hit, “Say So” until it hits #1 on the charts, and she’ll show off her tits to social media.



With the help of a bunch of horny and lonely followers stuck in quarantine, she ended up hitting #1 in the Hot 100! The song is really catchy so the #1 designation is well deserved, but it was definitely given a little push over the top by Doja’s promise.


So, after the song hit the top of the charts, Doja Cat took to Instagram Live andddddd….

One could call this…a boobie trap. I’ll see myself out.

She duped EVERYBODY, but even funnier than that is the guy taking rapid fire screenshots just to catch a sneak peak. That is laugh out loud funny.


Guys that are this desperate to see a set do know that during the pandemic, Pornhub is offering their premium channel for free? Like, they probably just need to type “www.po” in their search bar and their recent history tabs will take care of the rest. They’d see a pair of boobs in less than 5 seconds. For free.


Although Doja didn’t dump them out for everybody, one huge music star offered a consolation prize if that tickles your fancy:


We’ve come a long way since Doja Cat was dressed as a cow in her breakout music video, but we haven’t come far enough to see her boobs.

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