Nationals Want Bryce Harper’s Hair Checked For Sticky Substance

If you some how missed it last night, MLB’s new sticky substance run was awful. Max Scherzer had his person checked three times in four innings for sticky substances. He stared down Girardi and Joe got himself tossed. It was wildly entertaining. And if you are one of those people that has an issue with what Girardi did, beat it nerd. Your problem isn’t with him it’s with the rule. If you have a chance to use an official rule that MLB puts in place to attempt to rattle your opponent, do it.

Do it early and often. Now it didn’t work against Max as he is a pro’s pro. But I love the attempt.

Now fast forward today and the Nationals and Phillies seem to be having a good time with the entire situation.

That’s just some good old wholesome baseball content. Which is crazy because it looked like last night there was going to be fist to cuffs. Now let’s get a god damn win please Phillies. You’re our last hope……until August.

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