Twitch Streamers Are Licking “Ears” On Stream

Yesterday I saw our pals at WGG tweet this.

Now today, after a long day at the office the fellas shoot this one off.

No one can say these guys don’t work their ass off. Obviously, after seeing this tweet I had to go on Twitch and just see what is going on… here’s what is going on.

This is IndieFoxx. She is one of the leaders on Twitch in the “Hot Tub Meta”. Which, if you don’t know, is basically people (typically attractive women) turn on stream and talk to chat but they do it in a hot tub wearing a bikini. Personally, none of that bothers me because I’m an adult but some people were not as understanding. It was a topic for a few weeks and Twitch ended up making a hot tub, pool and beach category and since they did that I haven’t heard much.

It appears that IndieFoxx has taken her talents out of the hot tub and into the ASMR game. I actually enjoy ASMR so I have seen this one other time but it’s still weird.

Jump to 5:26 on this.

I want to be very clear, I’m not knocking anybodies hustle. Honestly, you have to respect what she’s doing. Sex sells, always has and always will. Trust me, if a few thousand people would watch me in tights licking an ASMR mic and pay me for it I’d be doing it too. She’s smart about all of this too. Throwing her feet on the screen for the Rex Ryan type of guys, I see you IndieFoxx. I see you.

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