Bucs Defense Best Ever?

Whats up guys Big D back at it again. No this is not over reaction Monday. There are a few points that we can not overlook.
First and foremost the MVP of this Superbowl was Todd Bowles the Bucs DefensiveCoordinator. This was the best gameplan to shutdown the Chiefs since Mahomes took over as QB. When they last played each other Bucs defense had got destroyed in week 12 and Bowles learned and adapted perfectly. This Bucs defense were put in a position to win on every single down. Bowles will get his opportunity for Head Coach very soon and rightfully so. Rumor is Arians will step down to assistant and let Bowles take over next year. TBD.
Do not be quick to think this team got lucky and are a one year wonder. The Bucs will be in the Superbowl conversation again at least next year. There are a few reasons, the simplest Tom Brady will be back. I don’t think we need much more than that. I mean this guy just does not know how to lose. Which ring is Tom Bradys favorite… “The next one.”
Reason two the Bucs have a ton of cap space, the 7th most in NFL as of now. I would also expect that 28 million to grow after some cuts and restructuring. That means they can bring back the same team or go pay some free agents and make a better one. The chance to play on a superbowl winning team with Brady as the QB should entice a few good players.
Third reason, this young defense is dynamic and improved week after week. This is a defense with young stars at every level.  Defensive line Shaq Barrett, LB Devin White and DBs Winfield Jr and Murphy-Bunting. This is a great foundation for the future of this team. OK imma throw you for one here.

This was one of the best defensive performances in the playoffs ever.

This is a quote from Brady after the Superbowl win. “They stepped up to the challenge,” Brady said. “You go up against a guy like Pat, an incredible player, and Aaron, MVP. Two weeks ago, they played incredible. And then, Drew they played great. They just stepped up. They rose to the occasion. We needed it, because we were extremely talented offenses. Just so happy we all came to play tonight.”

Those 3 MVP QBs totaled just 4 touchdowns in the playoffs vs this Bucs defense. This team also had forced 9 Turnovers, 6 of those were Interceptions. This was an absolute DOMINANT playoff run. Total yards vs the three of the best offenses in the league. Pass yards 747, 278 rush yards and just 5 Touchdowns of course also shutting out the “Baby Goat” and his Chiefs in the Superbowl.


Don’t give me the bullshit and lazy penalty argument. The Chiefs weren’t complaining last year when they had a total of 4 penalties for 24 yards and let’s not forget about that shit offensive Interference call against the 49ers to end the half. Yes I’m still mad about it. So take your loss learn from it and I’m sure the Chiefs will be back soon enough. Stop making excuses for getting beat.
The NFL is going to be very competitive next year and I cannot wait to watch it. Also didn’t I tell you to Slow the Hell Down on Mahomes. Congratulations to Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise.

Sorry this article is a little late. Thank you for reading and come debate me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram.



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