BREAKING: James Harden Traded To The Nets

Morey saw my last blog and said fuck you Eddie. Harden will reunite with KD in Brooklyn with Kyrie (for now). There’s a lot of moving parts to this but what we know right now is Harden will be on the Nets. The Rockets will get 4 first round picks and 4 pick swaps from the Nets as well as Victor Oladipo From the Pacers. Indy will receive Caris Levert (maybe more) from Brooklyn.

As I’m typing this the Cavs will be getting Jarrett Allen from the Nets, okay sure.

All of the picks are also unprotected.


Okay, so quickly who won the trade? I don’t know how anyone couldn’t say Houston. A finesse of all finesses. 8 unprotected picks, you get rid of the Hamburglar AND you end up with Victor Oladipo (somehow). John Wall, Oladipo, Tucker, Wood and Boogie is a solid team plus all of the picks.

Assuming the Nets keep Kyrie, which at this point who knows, this will be not only a dysfunctional team but a very very thin team. You have your 3 All NBA guys and who else? Joe Harris and a bag of balls? Maybe they figure it out next year and they’ll have Dinwiddie back but this Nets title run thought we had has evaporated in 3 weeks.

Lastly, the Cavs have 18 big men. I just… I don’t get it.

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