Skyline Spew Episode 5 Out Now – And I May Have A Music Addiction + ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN $50 – @JamesSantore

If you haven’t listened to The Spew yet, 1) Figure it the hell out and 2) today’s episode is a MUST LISTEN. Not only is it an extremely engaging conversation between the Spew Crew, but you will find out A LOT about us. 

We’ve discussed our love of music on the pod before and given the fact that the internet is abuzz with the Spotify and Apple Music Replay debate, we figured we’d share our own personal stats, top artists, and top songs. Little did we know what we were about to unleash…

Kev McGowan

We’ll start with Kev since his Top 5 were fairly normal. I suspect that Oliver Tree is the only name some of you may not have heard before but you should give him a listen because he has a very unique voice/sound that crosses multiple genres. 531 artists is pretty diverse and Kev has a great ear for music. He’s “the AUX guy” at parties for sure and handles the responsibility with grace like none other.

Producer Drew

Producer Drew has a pretty solid Top 5 and surprisingly a more diverse catalog than Kev. But what you don’t see in the above is Drew’s #2 song of the year. As soon as Drew said that he had listened to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac 45+ TIMES we quickly began to worry. Drake being #1 means he has certainly been in his feels in 2020. But man, Landslide 45 freaking times? We staged an emergency intervention with Drew WHILE TAPING the podcast to make sure our guy was okay. #SadBoyWinter is a thing and we need to make sure Drew doesn’t fall too deep into it. Also, not sure who Days N Daze is but very solid name and I am going to give them a shot.

James Santore 

I promise you I am not as weird as this may seem. Who is DJ Drobitussin you may ask? Only one of the best Chopped and Screwed artists out there. I am a hugeeee Houston rap guy. UGK, 8Ball & MJG, and DJ Screw are all some of my favorite artists, especially to work out to. So when I was searching on Apple Music one day and came across the illustrious DJ Drobitussin I was immediately hooked. Take a listen to this absolute banger below and tell me this doesn’t want to make you bust out 500 pushups.

I know what you’re thinking: Am I on the JaMarcus Russell diet of sizzurp/lean/purp/dirty sprite? The answer is no – I am NOT a drug guy. But, I listen to weird ass music because it puts me in a zone.

The other major cause for concern here is the fact that I have listened to 1,481 hours of music this year. Kev and Drew were both in the 420 hours range which seems like a lot. Worst part? I had Spotfiy for 3 months and have been a Soundcloud guy the past month. Do I have a music problem? Are my ears going to explode with the amount of absolute bangers flowing through the airwaves at what seems to be all hours of the day? I am unsure, but what I can say is that my dudes DJ Drobitussin and Slim K produce HITS so if you don’t at least go give them a listen, you’re a fraud.

I digress. But I would like to share an opportunity with you all, the readers and listeners of the Spew, to submit your Apple Music Replay’s and Spotify Recaps to us. We will not shame you (publically) and will choose the Top 3 which we will then put out to the public to vote on.

First Place: $50 gift card

Second and Third Place: #SaveLaSalleBASE merch (PRICELESS)

So shoot us a DM or tag us in a post at @JamesSantore on Twitter/Instagram, @SkylineSpew on Twitter/Instagram, or @k__maccc on Twitter/@kevvvinnn on Instagram.


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