Rudy Giuliani Jerking Off In The New Borat Movie? Great Success!


This is absolutely crazy and now I’m even more excited to stream Borat 2 this Friday night.

According to The Guardian (LINK) Giuliani was being interviewed by Borat’s daughter who was playing a conservative interviewer and when she went to remove his microphone from his shirt he fell on his back and put his hands down his pants. And while I probably spoiled that part of the movie I’ll at least leave the rest of the scene up to the imagination.

There’s a lot to unpack here. In the first Borat movie we witnessed old man balls so this is nothing new for fans of Sasha.

I wonder what the spin zone by Rudy and the crew will be. “I was reaching for the microphone and lost my balance!” or “I took some medication and I was suffering from some ill timed side effects.” will probably be the top 2 excuses we hear in the next few days.

Maybe Rudy thought he was meeting a Rudy Giuliani Superfan and what better way to commemorate meeting your idol than to watch them beat their meat?

If I was lucky enough to my childhood idol (Alan Thicke) I can’t think of a better way to sign off the interview for Branded Sports than Alan just shootin rope into my coffee.

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