We’ve Got A Human Centipede Chug On Spring Break!



You think these kids care about Coronavirus? Fuck no. You drop thousands of dollars on a deposit for a condo in PCB. Do 6 months of two-a-days in the college weight room. Spend all that money on C4 and Whey-protein just so you can chug beer out of some hot chicks turd cutter. I can’t be mad at this inbred because he’s not practicing social distancing. All the folks 10+ years out of college are up in arms that 21 year old kids still decided to go on Spring Break during a pandemic. They’re pissed their vacations are filled with chasing two kids instead of chasing tail. If you think for one second you wouldn’t have gone down your senior year of Spring Break, when this time next year you’ll probably be  working in a cube, I’ve got beach front property in Iowa I’d like to sell you. Who cares if the Coronavirus is only for the old or the fact these kids could have long term health complications. It’s Spring Break. And Harvey Danger has been crushing curls and tri pushdowns just to flash those glory boys on the beach. 

The Humancentichug is a new one. I think we should all celebrate the end of Corona with a Humancentichug. Just in time to beat the flu we’ll all get pink eye instead. I’m getting used to this quarantine thing.

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