Sean Couturier Just BUNDLED The Blue Jackets Goalie



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Doesn’t matter if it was accidental or on purpose Coots absolutely bundled this non-Elvis pigeon goalie. What do I think? No doubt on purpose. That’s a multi-contract, multi-millionaire stud center. Remember when he scored 6 points in two games during the 2018 playoffs against the Pens? Was it an accident then? Nope. Coots knows a couple things and one of them is silky mitts and absolutely bundling goalies to light the lamp.

What a couple of goals the Flyers have scored so far tonight. Here’s Kevin Hayes calling bank off of the Blue Jackets goalie’s facemask from an insane angle.


Let’s get these two points, boys!


P.S. Three hockey blogs back to back to back like the Utley, Howard, Burrell days? Cornering the Philly hockey market slowly, but surely. Very slowly.


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[…] So last night I was hammering out a blog of Coot’s goal, going faster than lightning, just trying to get it up for the clicks before anyone else in Philly could blog it so that Joe’s daughter could eat for another month. During my haste I unfortunately titled the blog “Sean Couturier Just BUNDLED The Blues Goalie” instead of “Sean Couturier Just BUNDLED The Blue Jackets Goalie”. Which you would’ve thought I said Lauren Hart is the most overrated anthem singer in the NHL because Flyers fans jumped down my throat in minutes. I had comments in my mentions… Read more »