#ExcuseLebron is Back and Better Than Ever


The Lakers not only lost but got the doors blown off them last night in Beantown so you know what stage of the cycle we’re in with Lebron: Excuse Time!

Everyone please pray for Lebron when you get a chance today. He’s going through a tough time where he has to work AND support his kids at the same time.

Welcome to middle America Bron Bron. Wait until he finds out about the PTO meetings at Sierra Canyon!

Lebron slyly slips in excuses for losses like high school girls slip each other backhanded compliments. You may not my catch it at first, but then you catch how truly absurd the comments are.

You know, I can’t even pretend to step into Lebron’s shoes with this one. My family, especially my ancestors had it easy. See, they didn’t have to worry about these inconvenient travel issues because the children and fathers spent the whole day together…in a fucking coal mine.

The only good that comes from this is another excellent Hollywood pitch for Maverick Carter and Lebron. Once Space Jam 2 flops you’ve got: Bad Dads. A spin off of Bad Moms but it stars NBA players who recently retired and now have to adapt to life no longer on the road and taking care of family matters at home. You’re welcome, Klutch Sports.

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