The NBA is Sick of Drake’s Antics and Stepping In Ahead of the NBA Finals

The NBA and Adam Silver have brought the hammer down on Drizzy and his sideline shoulder rubs ahead of the Finals beginning:

Wow, this news coming out is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to Drake on May 29th. Just devastating.

Not only devastating, but shocking as well! As a Sixers fan, I am so surprised that Adam Silver would stick his nose in someone else’s business behind the scenes and try to manipulate what they are doing. That NEVER happens!

May be a hot take here, but Drake’s sideline antics didn’t bother me. If you say you cared about Raptors vs Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals, you are lying. You are lying straight to my internet face. That will obviously come off as biased since I’m a Sixers fan, but the city of Milwaukee isn’t exactly an attention grabber. Drake at least provided some form of entertainment in an otherwise pretty boring series.

I think almost every city has stars that sit courtside and feel somewhat entitled to being apart of the game. For example, Kevin Hart lost us Game 2 of the opening round of the NBA Playoffs last year by taunting D Wade all game. Was not thrilled with that but we’ve moved.

Maybe the Drake thing hasn’t gone far enough. If we can have a Zion Cam, ESPN mine as well have E-40 and Drake Cam at Oracle for Game 3.

The NBA needs to look at it his way. Not only is Raptors/Warriors better than Bucks/Warriors, with the whole world watching, were we really going to let Aaron Rodgers try to chug another beer again? Not on this stage.

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