MAJOR LEAGUE DRINKS…. Team #1: New York Mets Drink: Blue Gin & Tonic


So it’s officially baseball season which I’m sure many people including myself are pumped about. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball, but it can get super long sometimes if a game is low scoring. I 100% prefer actually attending the games in person rather than watching them on television. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks….yesssss the drinks!


You know what my favorite thing about baseball games is? Getting tipsy. A nice cold beer (or 7)…

At Citi Field they have a bar outside in-between Shake Shake and the field that serves all hard liquor. It’s magical. Heres me enjoying ice cream with rainbow sprinkle in a hat and a vodka sprite! Happy as a kid on Christmas!

It got me thinking though about the people who do enjoy watching baseball at home or maybe can’t make it to a game. Drinking the same thing every game can be boring so after talking to Kmess and Dubs, I decided to join forces with their Podcast “Crowding the Plate” and do a little weekly segment called MLD=MAJOR LEAGUE DRINKS! (Gotta give Kmess credit on the name)….

Each week, you will get 1 to 2 new drink cocktails based on a specific baseball team which Kevin and Dubs will talk about on their Podcast! By the end of the season we will have covered all 32 MLB teams by giving them a “signature drink.”

First up is my favorite baseball team-The New York Mets. Yea yea yea, shove it. I’m all Phili except when it comes to baseball. I was never really into baseball until I got older and since i have been living in Queens for a while now, I just started to follow the team. I also live 10 minutes from Citi Field so going to games is super easy for me. This pic is actually in Boston-yes I wore my Mets jersey there. Sue me. I just really like food and drinks at baseball games.

Kmess made fun of the fact that I told him blue drinks always make people throw up and he said “that’s perfect for the Mets.” Stupid Yankee fans.

Here is the very first MAJOR LEAGUE DRINK to start off the series….

MLB Team: New York Mets

MLD: Blue Gin & Tonic


1 ounce blue curaçao

1 ounce gin

4 1/2 ounces tonic water

1 slice Orange

Mix it up:

1. Place the ice cubes in a glass.

2. Mix the Curaçao and gin separate in a shaker and pour over the ice.

3. Top up with tonic water.

4. Decorate with an orange slice.


Blue and Orange just like their jerseys! LGM!

Stay tuned for tomorrow….for team #2 in the MLD series! And don’t forget to listen to the Crowding the Plate Podcast every Thursday morning with Kevin and Dubs!

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