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“Morning Men! How are ya FAL?” (No that’s not a typo, I’ll get to that in a bit.)

I want to tell you about a sports radio show that you may or may not be familiar with. The Morning Men, on 6-10AM EST, Monday thru Friday on Mad Dog Sports Radio, (MadDogRadio) Ch. 82 on SiriusXM. (If you don’t have SiriusXM you will be on the phone ordering it by the end of this article.)

Image – SiriusXM

I am in the car all day for work and I love sports talk radio, as I’m sure most of you do. I stumbled across Morning Men about two years ago when I was sick of listening to the same old shows.

I got to listening and about ten minutes in I thought… What the hell am I listening to? It seemed like they were talking about anything BUT sports. But I couldn’t turn it off.  Ten minutes turned into two hours, turned into a week, turned into a month, turned into every morning the past two years. (I even listen to Howard on replay bc I want to hear them live!)

The Morning Men are hosted by Evan Cohen (EvCoRadio) and Mike Babchik. (Babchik) Two completely different personalities that you would think go together like oil and water but actually are more perfect than peanut butter and jelly. They are also joined by their producer Andrew Goldberg (AGBerg12) who is a lax guy (already the man) and is hilarious (when he’s awake.)

Image – Babchik

Evan is the straight laced, very smart (sports and life) good person. He is a great husband, father and all around good guy, the type of person you want to have dinner with. He was a high school QB and once threw eight interceptions in a game. (So he’s relatable.)  He also went to the University of Wisconsin and prides himself that he has never been drunk in his life.

Image – EvCoRadio

Evan is also a HUGE Patriots and TB12 fan. (He ends every Friday show during football season with GO PATS!!) But I think his biggest love is the NBA and his Miami heat. He can break down any player in the league and can even answer an in-depth question about the Hawks or the G League. Be ready for some serious sports knowledge.

Image – EvCoRadio

Now like I said… Oil and water, I give you Babchik. The complete opposite of Evan. Good husband? HA. Great dad? Uh.. No. Doesn’t drink? Maybe not during the show. Massive sports knowledge? That’s laughable. Someone you want to have dinner with? Maybe if it’s at Sal’s Pizza… But you’re paying.

Image – Babchik

Babs is the “class clown” of the show. He was a “tennis player” in high school. He wears the same old white sneakers and black shirt to work everyday. Eats dollar store hotdogs for lunch and will talk about strip clubs, taking a dump and even “hand central station” as he calls it. (Figure it out yourself) Mike also has a bikini with his face on it called the Babkini and will beg every female to wear it! But you will quickly be hooked by him, his sense of humor and lack of life skills.

Image – Babchik

You will also get to know their boss Steve Torre (JudgeTorre) and his boss Steve Cohen. (CohenNFL) LARRY LONG BALLS!!(you’ll catch on) Are problems behind the scenes resolved in meetings? Nope, Evan and Babs do it all live on the show. Can you make fun of your boss at work? They do it daily to Mr. Torre! (Are you done?)

But, even better than the sports talk, chicks talk, food talk, laughs and knowledge… Is the interaction with the fans. You have never heard a show or hosts that interact and care about the fans like family more than this show and these guys.

…Because that’s what it really is. A FAMily. #FALnation. Quick backstory on the term FAL:

The station is run by Christopher Mad Dog Russo. Anyone who knows Mad Dog from his Mike & The Mad Dog days know he can struggle with some words. One day instead of saying “How are ya Pal” he said “How are ya FAL” and boom FAL and FAL nation was born.

Image – Babchik

Once you listen you realize how invested the fans are in the show and how invested The Morning Men are in FAL nation. I am a proud FAL and member of FAL nation, they will welcome you with open arms as well.

You will quickly learn their names and feel like family too. Like the Queen Fal, Debbie in Long Island (FalQueen) and Lisa from Mushwear, (mushwear) UCONN AL in Connecticut, (UCONNAL) JimmyJam, (jimmyjamny) Hilary from New Jersey, (hilaryjoy) PennFal25, Uber_FAL, Jordan in Georgia, (how bout my Hawks) (FallyInGA) NiceFAL, (JohnPaulFAL), BucFal, (Nemesis3373), BdalFal, Klukie98 and the worst caller to the show… Packers Fan in TX (packersfan86) to name a few.

(Even Linda Cohn (lindacohn) from ESPN and former NFL LB Derrick Brooks (DBrooks55) are Big FALs!!)

They care so much that their twitter handles are dedicated to the show, how awesome is that. FAL nation has plenty of room so listen, join and be ready for some fun.

I’ve even had the chance to have a beer with Babs! (Pinky out Babs)

Evan and Babchik even do what’s called I SEE YOU every Friday! Where they shout out to all the FALs listening and tweeting them! I 👀 U FAL!

Image – Babchik

You can even come to their once a year listener party called FALcon. Where they do a live show with all the fans and guests like Camille Kostek. (camillekostek) Eat, drink, party, and do it all surrounded by these awesome people.

Image – Babchik

You never know what you might get when you turn on the show. It could be an in-depth convo with Evan about not paying WR’s big money. Or Babs dancing in studio with SI Swimsuit models. But whatever it is, I promise you it will be great, because it always is, even when it’s not.

So if you have SiriusXM tune to ch. 82 between 6-10AM. (Or anytime because every show is great, especially the one and only AdamSchein on right after!) If you don’t.. Hurry up and order. I promise you, you will laugh, you will learn, you will quickly be interacting on twitter, becoming part of FAL nation, and listening every morning for the next 25 years ok?!

Happy listening!

“We are on to tomorrow!” -EvCo

-Kevin “That Guy”

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July 26, 2018 10:38 pm

Are ya done? Are ya finished?
Great article Fal!!!

tarquin terry
tarquin terry
July 29, 2018 8:22 am
Reply to  Shane

How r u #FAL

July 27, 2018 2:09 pm

Unbelievable artical! Morning Men is the best radio show that hardly anyone knows about. Great job giving the best kept secret in radio extra publicity. Now more people can discover this 1of a kind sports show. Much love FAL!


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