Rozier is on a Truth Telling Media Tour Exposing the Celtics Failures and I’m Here for it

The Celtics season ended in horrific fashion losing four straight to the Bucks and to be honest it really wasn’t all that shocking. Hopes were high after game one, but if you’ve watched more than three games this season you’d know that this Celtics team wasn’t built for a run.

There was never any consistency or cohesiveness amongst the team on the court. For the longest time the fans were looking for the people responsible for the problem and not the actual problems that hindered the play.

Now Terry Rozier is on a mini-media tour exposing both and I’m here for it.

First it was just following the Celtics getting the boot from the playoffs when he made comments to Complex regarding the unfortunate position he was put in this season.

These words were harsh and I think that’s because deep down every Celtics player and fan knows that it’s true. This team was beautifully constructed by Danny Ainge. It had the depth that could rival any roster and the top end talent starting that should’ve been able to hang with the best of the best. However, egos got in the way and never seemed to waiver as the season went on.

Now today Terry is kicking around ESPN and really letting it fly.

Listen, this is a brutal indictment of the state of this team and how little control there was from Brad Stevens and how little Kyrie was willing to adjust to be great. In the end of the day Kyrie is great at what he does, but he’s either a one trick pony or not willing to change his style to maximize the team’s potential. Both won’t make you the best player on a championship team. He never wanted to actually be a leader, he just wanted to be the best player on his team and recognized as such even if it meant harming potential of other players.

The most of which being Rozier. I’m 100 percent on Rozier’s side here. They weren’t in a position to give him the starting role at point. Kyrie is undoubtedly more talented and makes much more money. That doesn’t mean Terry should’ve been dropped in minutes. He earned his worth in last year’s playoffs and his talent is clear. Hayward’s out there collecting 25 minutes most nights and posting 3 point performances. That’s unacceptable.

Terry has every right to be furious, but it’s this type of honesty and leadership that any fan should want out of their players. Call out the top guys that aren’t doing their part not the young guys being forced to adjust to one man’s style.

It sounds like Terry won’t be back if Kyrie is there and changes aren’t made, but if you asked me right now if I want Kyrie or Terry as the Celtics point guard to start next season, after today I’d say Terry without flinching.

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