Instagram Personality Caroline Calloway Counted Wrong So She Posted Her Nudes On Twitter

Before today I had no clue who Caroline Calloway. All I saw was a tweet from a friend of mine who said after Caroline posted her nudes she slid into her DMs. Love that energy but the tweet peaked my interest. I mean, who is Caroline Calloway and why is she posting her nudes? Obviously I had to investigate.

My brief Google search says she is an Instagram Personality which feels like a nice way to say IG model. If I’m honest I didn’t do a deep dive but apparently she had a ghostwriter and she was writing a response story to her ghostwriter I don’t really know man.

Apparently the story was supposed to be 15,000 words but she read something wrong and it was only 6,000 so she posted this.

CEO Joe said I had to link the nudes so if you click on this it will bring you to her tweet.

She wants to be very clear. These are her nudes and she wasn’t hacked.

First off. Sup? Second, this is my intro to Caroline so I’m not sure if this is the norm but she doubled down (sort of) on her IG story.

Doing a quick scroll on her Instagram and there’s a few sexual drawings/paintings here and there but nothing like what she posted on Twitter. Talk about a great way to build some free promo for your book and donate to charity. Great move.

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