Branded Blog Off: It Was A Bloodbath

We’ve reached the end of our first blog off. I originally put the odds somewhere around Ru -250 or -300 or something like that. Entering Friday morning the odds would’ve to be Ru -100000000. Like the Golden State Warriors playing a 7 game series vs the US women’s soccer team. Yes anything is possible, but no not really.

Statistically the fight was over by Monday morning at 9 am. The true definition of a bloodbath. Ru produced 16.5X the amount of clicks CBJ did this week. To add insult to injury, CBJ was dragged all week, gif after glorious gif.

Now comes the ultimate question, do I still end up giving this lonely Cowboy a spot? I think CBJ is a good writer, maybe needs some practice getting those clicks. But that can be taught. Also I think I kinda like the kids fire. His Foles takes are straight trash but he does write some interesting blogs. Maybe I’ll let the twitter poll decide his fate.

I gave CBJ an offer earlier this week on a pick blog. If he made me money with his picks I’d toss him an additional 500 clicks. Little icy on the cake. A little juice if you will. Maybe I’ll ask him to make me some money tomorrow during the slate of games?

Either way, whether CBJ lives or dies it was nice having you for a week. You’re a good sport and you went toe to toe with one of the best. You were beaten to a pulp but still a good sport.

Congrats to Ru by the way. Showed up and showed out. Did he use the FALs, sure did. Do I care? Sure don’t. FBGCs 4 lyfe.


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Here For The Weird
Here For The Weird
March 1, 2019 1:35 pm

16.5 times better? Holy dog shit