College Football Semifinals….And Another Bowl Game

Big weekend for College Football, soon enough we’ll know which two teams are worthy enough to face off in the National Championship. The other two will head back to campus to continue their classes.

Just kidding, they’ll go back to campus and wait for the NFL Draft…fuck class.

Peach Bowl

10 Florida vs Michigan (-6)

Florida might be full of athletes, but their going against one of the best defenses in the nation. Michigan has a pretty damn good team this year, except when they faced off against Ohio State. Don’t blame the players, blame Jim Harbaugh, he can’t beat Urban Myer. I hate to admit it, need Michigan to win this one, gotta show the college football world the Big Ten is the SEC’s bitch.

Michigan over Florida

3 Notre Dame vs 2 Clemson (-13)

I think this game is going to be a lot closer than people think. Honestly, 13 points is way too high, I’m thinking more like Clemson -7. Lets be honest, Notre Dame’s schedule was a joke this year. Their toughest opponent was Michigan, which I will admit was an impressive win. However, after that…not so much. It’s time for Notre Dame to join a conference.

With that being said, Clemson’s schedule isn’t anything to write home about either (best win was @ Texas A&M). The ACC is a pretty weak conference, Clemson is just a dominate force who pulls recruits. With all that said, both team will be playing to becoming the runner-up to (spoiler alert) Alabama. Someone needs to be on Kmess watch during this game.

Clemson over Notre Dame

1 Alabama (-14) vs 4 Oklahoma

OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE and no damn defense (from Oklahoma). This game is going to be all big play touchdowns and NBA All-Star quality defense. The over/under is 77.5, you know damn well everyone will be hammering the over.

Tua is a “Full Send” so it’s going to be him and Murray matching 30+ yard throws. Murray will need to prove to everyone he was the right pick for Heisman, especially with Nick Saban firing up his defense. Also, kudos to this Alabama player for not ending his own life.

Alabama over Oklahoma

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