Army Released Their Uniforms And They’re Ready For Battle

Army has won the last two games against Navy. They’ll be looking to make it three straight this Saturday. Having a solid 9-2 season, they should take it to Navy. One thing Army hasn’t been winning, the battle of uniforms. In years past Navy, along with Under Armour, have come up with some awesome uniforms. Navy released their uniforms a few months ago. They were pretty nice, I thought Navy was going to take the cake again….not so fast my friend! Army called the Infantry this year  

Holy shit, If that doesn’t get the blood flowing, you’re a commie. Makes me want to get off my couch and run into battle. Luckily, I can do that from my couch by playing Battlefield on PS4. 

Army is paying their respects to the “Big Red One”, the 1st Infantry Division. 

Organized on June 8, 1917, for duty on the Western Front in World War I, this first permanent division in the regular Army has seen action in all American wars since 1917, except the Korean, and has performed magnificently in all of its service.

First Division Museum 

Army and Nike outdid themselves this year. The Black and Red is going to look awesome on the field. I can only hope it snows like last years game. 

More info on the unis and history on the Big Red One can be found here.  

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