Instagram Blogger Crushes Her Son On His Bday For Being Statistically Her Least Popular Kid


Couldn’t agree with this mother anymore. Fuck bitches get clicks Weston. At Branded I feel like the mom and/or dad of the bloggers. Teaching them, helping them grow and showing them the do’s and don’ts. Should I be admired for my work? I don’t maybe…probably….fine, yes. So I can relate to this woman 100000%. I know which one of my bloggers children gets me my sweet tasty clicks and I love them more than the red headed step children that don’t. I can’t just sit around, letting someone drag down my traffic and neither can this mother of the year candidate.

Weston either needs to get cuter, learn some crazy special talent or get lost. Playing with mommy’s clicks is like playing with mommy’s EMOTIONS. I think she needs to start rationing out meals based solely on likes and comments. Weston isn’t pulling weight….well than Weston is going to lose some weight. No likes = no dinner.

Also this is such a power move by this lady. Weston’s stats are about to go through the roof. This is really going to put the heat on the other children now to step it up. Westy just shot up the power rankings and mommy is reaping the benefits.

I should start blasting one of my bloggers each week. Or maybe blast each one on their birthdays? “Hey, Happy Birthday (insert blogger name)!! Just fyi you’re numbers are really shitting all over the algorithm. Not a problem but just fix it or GTFO and never look back. Have a great day!!!”

Ps. Might need a FBGC shirt.


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November 20, 2018 4:12 pm

Joe, I swear I’ll do better. Don’t let me be your Weston. I’ll change I swear.