This Picture Of The Mountain And His Wife Hurts To Look At

I mean come on. No one in this scenario is having a good time. Her, obviously not. I find it hard to believe they have ever had sex before. She’d be dead if so. Even if he is just an average sized fella down there, the difference between these two is so staggering it would make up for that. Also there is no chance he is just average, he plays a character called THE FUCKING MOUNTAIN for crying out loud! She has to go into every date night with an exit strategy. Make sure they establish a safe word, where are the closest exits and put 9-1-1 on speed dial. It’s a whole production.

And for him she must feel like a child. How awkward is that? Every time you’re being romantic with the love of your life you feel like you’re committing a felony. That’s anxiety I couldn’t handle. And the fear of slipping or something and crushing her to death is real. This one picture has ruined my entire day.

PS. Can’t wait for June 2019 for GoT. LFG

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