Yankees Panic Button… Pushed

Yes, NFL starts today BUT…

What the hell is happening??

The “Bronx Bullies” as I named them were rolling again. Beating up on bad teams finally like the White Sox, O’s, Rangers and Blue Jays, the Red Sox actually lost a game or two and things were looking up.

Until they weren’t.

Since sweeping the 0’s in Baltimore on August 25th, the Yankees have… Lost 2 out of 3 to the White Sox AT HOME. Only split a four game series against the Tigers AT HOME. Then just lost 2 out of 3 in Oakland against the team they may face in the Wild Card Game. 4-6 in their last 10 is NOT going to cut it.

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No rest for the weary either as they go into Seattle for a tough 3 game set against the Mariners, before (hopefully) six “easy” games in Minnesota and home against the Blue Jays, before…

The “We never lose” Red Sox come back to the Bronx.

The Yankees are currently 9.5 games back of the Sox in the division, it might as well be 47 games, give it to the Sox now.

Aaron Judge is still out (3 week recovery my ass.) Chapman is still hurt and can’t find the strike zone.. Frazier was just ruled out for the season.

But, let’s forget about who’s out and focus on who’s in…

Sanchez is back, great.. He still can’t play the catcher position. Didi is seems to be “heeled” (see what I did there?) and will play this week. Apparently Sevy has completely forgotten how to pitch the baseball. C.C. is 108 years old. Gardy has been in a slump. Andujar is going to slug 30hrs (and win AL ROY) but he can’t field his position.

The only person right now the Yankees can count on is Luke Voit. That’s right, LUKE VOIT. Dude has crushed 100 home runs since being traded to NY this summer, but when he is your most reliable player… There’s a problem.

The Yankees are 87-53, the Athletics are 84-57. That puts the Yanks 3.5 games up in the Wild Card. A game that must be in the Bronx. It is going to hard enough to win the one game play in at home, flying to Oakland would make it closer to impossible.

Speaking of that game… Mr. Boone, who they hell starts? Again, Sevy has struggled after the All-Star Break, C.C. can only go 3 innings. Tanaka? Maybe, but he’s always good to give up a dinger or two.

Am I crazy or right now would they have to start J.A. Happ? See.. Panic Button.. Pushed.

They need some of their big guns back, and fast. They need to stop the bleeding, now. I’m not giving up hope on my boys from the Bronx… But I am undoubtedly pushing the panic button.

-Kevin “That Guy”

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