Will Dillion Danis Show Up On Saturday?

Alright so this Saturday as of now Dillion Danis is scheduled to fight Logan Paul in the co-main event of KSI vs Tommy Fury.

I say as of now because I am still not fully convinced that Danis is actually showing up for this fight. Until he is in the ring with Paul and the bell rings I’m not believing it.

I’ll also be the first to admit I forgot this fight was this weekend. Danis went on a Twitter frenzy like a month ago talking about Logan Pauls wife and it made it seem like the fight was happening then. It was still a month away and the hype train definitely died down at least I feel like I haven’t seen much about it over the last few weeks.

Nonetheless, these two will finally face off(maybe) to see who the better boxer is. As much as I have been an avid hater of the Paul brothers, Logan is growing on me. I respect him more than I respect Jake and I feel like Logan is more likable. This also could be a classic case of Danis has been rather annoying and has maybe forced me to like Jake and want him to win maybe???

I don’t know, honestly I don’t really care about this fight one way or another to go out of my way to watch it. But if I’m sitting around and can find an illegal stream I’ll tune in. I’ll be more inclined to tune in just to see if Danis actually shows up. Also, wouldn’t hate it if he didn’t because Mike Perry is the guy who would step in for him. Perry is a guy that gives zero fucks and will go in there and try and murder Logan Paul.

This fight is probably going to suck if it actually happens. Neither of these guys are great boxers but that’s what happens when you have two “Youtubers” step into the ring. Danis was great in MMA but he’s not a boxer and I say was because he’s only fought twice and hasn’t fought since 2019.

We’ll see what happens come Saturday but I wouldn’t go out of your way to watch this. Just scroll on Twitter for the updates and if you really do want to watch find an illegal stream instead of paying $55.

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