Walsh’s Winners NFL Week 6

Last week was BAD, I don’t even have the words to describe how badly the board beat me up. If I could go back in time I would, but we can’t so the only option is to move forward.

We’re still in the green on the straight picks, but for my Walsh’s Winners locks of the weekend we are dead even at 10-10. That’s not good, flat out I need to be better and this week is the turning point I can feel it in my bones.

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Of course we also have the picks in written form in case you do not feel like watching the video.

Straight Picks: Overall Record:(50-28)

Thursday Night Football:

Denver Broncos(1-4) vs Kansas City Chiefs(4-1)Walsh’s Winner:Chiefs

Sunday London Game:

Baltimore Ravens(3-2) vs Tennessee Titans(2-3)Walsh’s Winner: Ravens

Sunday 1:00pm Games:

Washington Commanders(2-3) vs Atlanta Falcons(3-2)-Walsh’s Winner:Falcons

Seattle Seahawks(3-1) vs Cincinnati Bengals(2-3)Walsh’s Winner:Bengals

Indianapolis Colts(3-2) vs Jacksonville Jaguars(3-2)Walsh’s Winner:Jaguars

Carolina Panthers(0-5) vs Miami Dolphins(4-1)-Walsh’s Winner:Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings(1-4) vs Chicago Bears(1-4)Walsh’s Winner:Vikings

San Fransisco 49ers(5-0) vs Cleveland Browns(2-2)Walsh’s Winner:49ers

New Orleans Saints(3-2) vs Houston Texans(2-3)Walsh’s Winner:Texans

Sunday 4:00pm Games:

New England Patriots(1-4) vs Las Vegas Raiders(2-3)Walsh’s Winner:Patriots

Arizona Cardinals(1-4) vs Los Angeles Rams(2-3)Walsh’s Winner:Rams

Detroit Lions(4-1) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-1)-Walsh’s Winner: Lions

Philadelphia Eagles(5-0) vs New York Jets(2-3)-Walsh’s Winner: Eagles

Sunday Night Football:

New York Giants(1-4) vs Buffalo Bills(3-2)Walsh’s Winner:Bills

Monday Night Football:

Dallas Cowboys(3-2) vs Los Angeles Chargers(2-2)-Walsh’s Winner: Chargers

Walsh’s Winners(Locks of The Weekend) Overall Record:(10-10)

Titans +4

49ers -5.5

Dolphins -13.5

Texans ML

Bengals -3

Cardinals +7

Chargers ML

We’re gonna have a major bounce back week so let’s go!!!!

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