Stefon Diggs Juggled Multiple Valentine’s Day Celebrations At Once By Having 2 Of His Girlfriends Stay In The Same Hotel

For some men, the pressure of doing one Valentine’s Day celebration right is enough to crumble and end up at Trader Joe’s at 8pm buying tulips and some chocolate covered pretzels. For Stefon Diggs, it was a challenge commiserate with lining up against Eli Apple.

Admittedly this is a lot to keep track of, and I’m not sure why or how Travon was brought into it, but allegedly these sources were able to deduct that Stefon Diggs booked both Lashontae and Alesha Rene a rose filled room at the same hotel on Valentine’s Day.

From the sounds of it, these women are generally aware (or at least they should be) that Stefon is not a monogamous hopeless romantic. So I really don’t see the problem here. A quick flight on the PJ, a free hotel room for the night, and multiple dozen roses set up to post on Instagram? I wouldn’t even want him to show up. Order room service, take a bubble bath and call it a night. Would be the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

In all seriousness what is Diggs’ Valentine’s Day budget? The red rose market has to be affected by the global supply chain issue and my guy bought at least 20 dozen between those two. Also Stefon Diggs is the 20th highest paid receiver in the league, did his financial team approve such an extravagant celebration?

No one thinks about the poor hotel staff on Valentine’s Day. Going door to door peeling petals from thorny roses and delivering chocolate covered strawberries without letting them melt. Having to wash all those sheets and clean out the trash cans the morning after is worth at least a roster bonus in tips.

It all sounds extremely exhausting and expensive from Diggs’ perspective, so I can’t even applaud him for the boldness it takes to even attempt a move like this. But it is a big fuck you to all of your forever Valentine pics.


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