The Haters Have Finally Got To Jackson Mahomes And He’s Pouring Water Bottles On Ravens Fans

Jackson Mahomes has the type of mental and emotional stamina against haters that makes a great villain. Week after week, day after day, and what appears to be hour after hour, Jackson steps in front of that camera, films the 1-3 Tik Tok dances he can learn, and posts with the comments turned on.

NFL players may now be flagged for taunting on the field, but there almost certainly needs to be a flag for whatever Jackson posts from the sidelines, on the private jet, or in the friends and family suite. Typically in venues like LA, NY or even the new Vegas stadium, things probably go off without a hitch. Fans film Jackson filming himself doing the latest trending Tik Tok dance and life goes on. But in Baltimore it’s a different story.

Also luckily for Jackson, the Chiefs don’t lose that much and his brother is already being crowned one of the best players in NFL history. It’s rare to get to stunt on Jackson Mahomes live and in person, and last night there were a few Ravens fans bold enough to step up to the plate.

Initial reaction is props to this guy who is so wrapped up in beating the Chiefs by 1 point in week 2 of the regular season that the thought doesn’t even cross his mind to throw a punch at Mahomes. Usually a full, chilled, water bottle being dumped on top of you is the official mark of a warranted fistfight. Jackson wasn’t born with the same accuracy as his brother though because I don’t think any drops even landed, on the phone or on the person. Wouldn’t be shocked if this was also him:

According to Jackson, he was simply quenching the thirst of this fan who was clearly parched.

So far, no official Tik Tok has been released to address the situation. The latest update just a live performance of Way 2 Sexy from the sidelines and the caption “Someone put these birds in a cage!” After that, in my opinion, all is fair game.


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