Nick Foles To The Dallas Cowboys!

…Should happen.

No, this isn’t clickbait, keep reading.  Sorry if you are an angry Eagles fan, Foles supporter reading this like WHAT?!

Has it happened?  No.  Well, not yet.  But I think it should.

The Dallas Cowboys released two QB’s prior to the NFL cut down deadline, cutting Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert.  This leaves two quarterbacks on the roster for the Cowboys.  Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush.

Cooper Rush.

Cooper Rush who has never started a game in the NFL regular season.

Cooper Rush who has thrown about 3 passes in NFL games.

Cooper Rush who was released by Jason Garrett and the New York Giants… Only to come back to the Cowboys.

Yes, Cooper has been around the team for a long time, and knows the offense better than any QB that could be brought in.

But… Who cares?  Cooper Rush can not win the Dallas Cowboys a game if Dak goes down again.

That means they need to go out and find a new QB, and a QB who has experience as a starter, a QB who has experience as a backup and a QB who can go in and win you a game if needed.

Some may say, well go get Cam Newton he was just released by the Patriots and could play similarly to Dak.

There are a few problems with this.  1. We don’t know if Cam will accept a backup role, this may be a big reason why he may have been released by the Patriots.  2. In the COVID time we live in, you don’t want a unvaccinated backup who may have issues with protocols.  We don’t know for sure that Cam isn’t vaccinated, but we almost for sure know.

So, this leaves Nick Foles.  The Bears have 3 QB’s on their roster.  Their “QB 1” Andy Dalton and their new rookie Justin Fields.  That leaves Foles as the odd man out.  Only issue with Foles is his contract.

  • Years: 3
  • Total value: $24 million
  • Max value: $42 million
  • Guaranteed: $17 million
  • Average per year: $8 million

This season Foles guaranteed money is $4 Million.  With a cap hit of over $6 million.  In 2022 Foles guarenteed money is $5 million.  With a cap hit of over $10.6 million.

That may be a bit steep for a backup QB.  It seems that teams are interested in trading for Foles but do not want to take on his contract.  But, how desperate are the Bears to move him.  If the Cowboys can arrange for the Bears to take on some or most of his contract and the compensation is good…

Make the deal.

Foles has a Super Bowl ring on his finger.  He knows what it means to win.  He has been both a starter and a backup.  I think he would be a great mentor to Dak and if he is thrown into a game or a couple of games, he will give the Cowboys a chance to win.

Unlike Cooper Rush where if he is put into a game, chalk up the L.

…I also want to see Philadelphia Foles loyalists brain’s be thrown into a woodchipper.


Feature Image – Dallas Morning News

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