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As someone with no authority at Branded I asked myself one question. “Who would make a better tier list than me?” The answer? Not a goddamn soul. CEO Joe makes his power rankings like once every 3 months but can we talk about a sham? A lot of talk the last few months about things being rigged, the only thing rigged is Joes power rankings.

Allow me to paint you a picture. Here I am, working at my shitty job and I am perusing the interwebs for a story to blog. I am staying as far away as possible from that Kellyanne Conway drama, I don’t really want to talk much about Kobes anniversary (RIP) and there’s some Barstool drama with a women’s hockey league. I don’t know or care enough about that for a blog. Than I remembered what the great Coley Mick said a few months back, something something not enough people are making original content we shouldn’t just be blogging stories and breaking news. Now he wasn’t talking about Branded but that statement plays here and with most of these blogs I follow. We have our hands in a lot of different jars and I’m not here to say no one is making original content here at Branded, that would be a lie. There is a significant amount of content that is breaking news or just some reports about a team or a tweet followed by a paragraph. Doing that type of content isn’t bad, I do it too BUT originality and creativity shouldn’t be put on the back burner and that is why I started writing when I was a kid and that is why I started blogging. I’ve never wanted to be some sports journo.

So, with all of that being said lets get into the tier list. Now, I will not be placing myself on this list because I am clearly the greatest thing since sliced bread and it would be humiliating to my fellow Branders. I will be basing this list off of these factors:

  • Quantity of blogs in January 2021
  • The quality of those blogs
  • The consistency of the blogger
  • I will take into account podcasts and video content
  • I will keep in mind the numbers that the blogs do, this is a tricky stat because a lot of views does not always mean a great blog and vice versa

Without further ado, here is the Branded Blogger Tier List.

I have extensive investigative reporting and I would be shocked if someone could argue any of these places but I am always open to criticism.

For the breakdown. Walsh has been, without question, the best (second best because I’m number 1 because this is my blog) blogger at Branded. I don’t think anyone can question this. The month isn’t over but as I’m writing this blog he has the most blogs of any blogger by a mile, he does the Nightcap every Thursday, he gives picks for Locks Only, he records Ginger Thread and The Playground and as of right now he has the second most views for the month. We don’t talk about specific views but for a few people I’ll throw out where they currently stand.

Moving to A tier. CEO Joe has the second most blogs this month, he co hosts Branded Radio every Saturday 11-12 on AM1490, he runs a lot of the business stuff for Branded, helps run social and don’t ask him about it because he won’t stop talking but the guy can get a click or two. Queen of the clicks Ali is also A tier. The blogs have been light this month but the blogs she puts out plays, she breaks down every reality TV show you can think of with Avoiding ReALIty and she is true to her title. She is the Queen of the clicks and is almost always in the Top 3 for clicks.

Onto B tier. Starting off with AJ, not a lot of blogs this month by AJ. To give you all a bit of Branded inside, AJ and I butt heads pretty frequently. I want to be very clear I would never put our disagreements above the stats, I am a dick but I am fair. We don’t need to get along every second of every day for me to be able to count. AJ has the most viewed blog this month, there wasn’t much to the blog but number one is number one. AJ is B tier because of the lack of blogs/pods/videos for Branded but I can’t justify putting him lower because of the clicks. KMess is next. Kevin isn’t always known as the most frequent blogger but he did his thing so far this month. He also co hosts Branded Radio and Birds Vs Boys but I have to have him under AJ in B tier because of those clicks. Kevin didn’t do bad but that just shows how powerful the most clicked blog of the month can be. Aidan is my co host on Drunk Off PNR, he is also the co host on Birds Vs Boys and a fill in host for Branded Radio (he has not been on this month though so it is a mute point). I think Aidan is one of the better bloggers at Branded but it is the lack of blogs that keeps him in B tier this month. Not that he isn’t doing any at all, that’s not the case but if he cracked off a few more I think we could talk about bumping him up. Last in B tier we have John. I think John was back and forth between high C and low B after looking over how many blogs were made, the quality of blog and the numbers I came to the conclusion he was low B.

As we get lower on the list I need to stress I like all of these people but as an investigative journalist sometimes you gotta make some hard choices.

At the top of C tier we have Kels. Kelsey doesn’t usually blog so the fact that she has blogged a couple times this month is a big boost to her in the tier list. She is also the co host of Ginger Thread and helps with some Facebook and Instagram social. Our UFC guy Mac. It is going to be the same with all of C tier, just not enough blogs to be higher. Mac makes great UFC content he is also on The Playground and Thursdays nightcap but I want to see more and I think Mac can give more. He’s also a New England guy so I’m a fan. Last but certainly not least in C tier, James. James is doing big things, he is literally trying to save a college baseball team. I need more blogs, though. I sound like a broken record but need more blogs. I need to blog more myself so this isn’t throwing stones but we can’t be in B tier without more blogs. James does do the Skyline Spew podcast which is great and has swung some MASSIVE guests so if he can run with one or two more blogs a week he’s coasting into B tier. Also, James is devilishly handsome and it is his Birthday so wish him a great day.

Finally, D tier. Calling this D tier is a bit much, none of these people are actually bad or a D but this is how the alphabet works. Starting off we have The Roster girls. No blogs this month, they aren’t bloggers but they have access to the site I would like to see one a month. With that being said they were on Brain Fry this month, I love them getting into the mix a bit more and they have a fantastic podcast that kills. Their pod is the most viewed at Branded and that is why they’re at the top of D tier but no blogs in January means you have to be towards the bottom of the Blogger Tier List. Stevie stats is next on the kill list. Stats runs two live shows a week for Branded. He is the host of our trivia show Brain Fry and our gambling show Locks Only. Stevie is great at what he does, he is a numbers guy hence the name but no blogs in January. The shows are great Stats but no blogs means sent to D tier those are the rules. He is second in  D tier not because of something he did wrong but because The Roster podcast is just a force. Last we have Chavy. I love Chavy, he is one of my favorite Branded personalities. We know why people get sent to D tier, no blogs in January. I was a bit surprised to see Chavy with no blogs but it is what it is. Chavy is host of the Thursday Nightcap that a few of the other guys are on he is also the host of The Playground, he did a guest spot on Avoiding ReALIty as well, Chavy is easy B tier if he had some blogs this month.

I do hope that everyone takes this for what it is and doesn’t get mad but if anyone is mad or wants to talk about their ranking they have my number. I don’t think I was too harsh and feel like I was pretty fair even when we got down to the bottom of the tier. Will there be a new tier next month? Who knows. If there is, who do you think will move up and down? Tweet at @Branded_Sports on Twitter or at me @EJS_4 who think is moving and where to.

Moral of the story, let’s make more content. Ideally it’s good content but we can’t be perfect everyday, just make something. Podcast, video whatever but remember this is a blog, so let’s write some blogs.

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