The Best Tweets Of 2020

2020 is almost over, not sure 2021 will be much better but it will have a hard time being worse. I figured what better way to end the year then by blogging the years best tweets. I’d be lying if I said this was a full list, there are too many good tweets to keep track of them all.

I want it on the record that I’ve been planning to do this for a little bit but I would be a bad blogger if I didn’t mention CEO Joe was put on this list.

This was the tweet he received the honor for.

May have taken a bit longer than expected but I’m excited to celebrate once all of this shit is over with (wear your mask you cuck). I will be making it down to Philly to blackout with the Branders, that’s a promise.

Before we get started here are some great tweets from years past.

If it’s not abundantly obvious Whiskers is one of my favorite follows on the Twitter. Gonna give you some gems, I’d like to give myself credit for not just linking my Twitter and ending the blog there instead I’ll just put one of my tweets in this. CEO Joe said it was my best tweet, I don’t know if he’s right but it made me chuckle.

Now, onto the main event.

A very late entry, buzzer beater type shit here. This might be my favorite, it’s like choosing your favorite kid. We know you have one but you can’t say it publicly. I guess if I put it that way it’s nothing like having a kid because I love all of these equally, nevertheless.

Mans was too hungry. Send me your favorite tweets, tag me in them or DM me @EJS_4.

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