Jalen Hurts Was Fun For Five Minutes, But He’s Not the Answer To The Problem


You have to love heartfelt moments in sports. You know, those times on Senior Night where the team manager gets in the game during a blowout a sinks a three. It’s the best feeling to watch that! That’s pretty much what the Eagles did with Jalen Hurts last night.

Congratulations, Jalen! You did it! You completed a pass against prevent defense. What a story.

The point of this isn’t to rag on Jalen Hurts. Or Carson Wentz for that matter. It’s to point the laser beams at the actual villain, the front office.


Are we REALLY going to do this quarterback controversy again?


Quarterback is probably the position in sports where you need the most stability. Since the McNabb era, the Eagles have had anything but that.


To be technical, this started before McNabb even left because Jeff Garcia is OUR BABY!


But Kevin Kolb was the heir apparent to McNabb. That lasted a half before we talked ourselves into Mike Vick. We’d then switch to Nick Foles. Later we would talk ourselves into Foles again, and then Foles a third time. Of course there was Wentz. Briefly before that it was Sam Bradford. And now Hurts.


At what point do the other 52 guys start mattering? At what point do we stop this torturous cycle and build a capable team AROUND the quarterback? Whoever that may be.


The quarterback position in Philadelphia is a carousel, and we keep thinking our amusement park isn’t a success because of that carousel. But the roller coaster is broken. The Ferris Wheel doesn’t rotate. The water rides have no water. And there’s not even a ticket taker at the front gate.


We can keep having these controversies surrounding the quarterback. Or we could simply build a capable team around said quarterback so that he can succeed.


Sure, start Jalen Hurts. But when he’s not the answer in two years, are just going to blame him again? Or are we finally going to get to the root of the issue.

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