Frankie Borrelli Had a Hell of a Time at the Islanders Game Last Night

Alright Frankie…

I’ll start by saying this: I have no association with the New York Islanders, hockey is not my favorite sport, and I’d barely recognize Frankie if he walked by me because he’s usually behind the camera.

But damn do I love the pure elation pouring out of this kid every time the Islanders score a goal against the Penguins. This is Game 1 of the opening round! If the Islanders make the Stanley Cup Final, Frankie might have a brain aneurysm. I love this. I love that Barstool employees do such a great job of capturing instant reactions to their favorite sporting events.

I do not care who wins the Stanley Cup but thanks to Frankie, in a much more real sense, I’m all in on the Islanders and the Penguins are dead to me. Now, that’s mostly because of Frankie’s reactions but also because Penguins fans can be pretty conceited. They can’t go two seconds without reminding you about all their hockey titles. Yeah, you SHOULD be winning hockey titles because it’s not like you’re winning them in fucking basketball out in Pittsburgh.

Still, I’m more in because I love the elation of this kid seeing the Islanders score. Someone tell that beer vendor to lighten up a bit. We are spending like 10 bucks a pop on beers these days, you’ll be fine. It’s the playoffs, take a hug. If this were Philly, the beer vendor probably would’ve been the one to initiate the hug.

Really happy to see MY New York Islanders win the series opener last night!

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