The Cowboys Are an Undisciplined, Heartless Mess

Little preview of the new episode of Birds vs Boys tonight. (@BirdsvsBoysPod)
We continually joke on the show about how bad our teams are. So we avoid debate in our “debate show” and take company in each other’s misery.
For a bitter rivalry, the show has been nice and easy going. That ends today, with this episode.
At the two minute warning in the 4th quarter  of the Cowboys dismantling on MNF, I had a 99.98% of winning my fantasy football match-up. All they had to do was run one play and everyone could relax and get out of there healthy.
A 69 yard Kenyan Drake touchdown run later and I lost.
It was more of the same from the Cowboys on that play and it epitomizes their whole season. On a play where the Cardinals were just trying to run the clock out, the Cowboys defense still gave up a touchdown. It was a blown gap assignment, linebackers didn’t know where they needed to be, there was no help beyond them. They are lost to the point that even in non-scoring opportunities, they are giving up points.
I don’t write this as an Eagles fan disparaging a rival team. In fact, I think Eagles fans care way too much about what the Cowboys are doing. Screw them, let’s handle our own business and then they are irrelevant.
So I write this as a fantasy football owner who just had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory thanks to the sad sack Cowboys.
It is one thing to be untalented. It’s one thing to be injury riddled. Plenty of teams are there.
It’s a completely different thing to show up and make every mistake possible. Then look heartless the rest of the way. This team must play duck duck goose during the week because there is no way they are having productive practices when they lock themselves into multiple turnover and a double digit deficit every week.
Drops. Penalties. Turnovers. Missed assignments. They do everything wrong.
There was a point when the game was put away but the Cardinals defense finally looked lost. They were arguing at the line and didn’t know what coverage they should be in. They needed a timeout. They got bailed out by a Dallas false start. THAT’S Cowboys football right now.
This division can still be theirs. They can still rally with Andy Dalton. And even after getting whooped last night, they are still in first place.
But now your lethargic play is costing me fantasy games and that’s where I have to draw the line.
They have an embarrassment of riches at the skill positions. But right now there is an emphasis on the embarrassment.
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