Mets Are Sold. Steve Cohen And The Wilpons Have An Agreement

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As a Phillies I have to say, hate to see this. The Mets are a joke. Always have been and before this sale I would have said they always will be but now, I’m not sure. The Wilpons were like the Jerry Jones of baseball. Owners that always got in their own way. Always said the Cowboys won’t win a Super Bowl until Jones selss the team or kicks the bucket. Felt the same about the Wilons.

Steve Cohen seems like a guy that actually might know what he is doing. Also his worth $14.1 billion. Have a feeling he isn’t going to care about some $2 million luxury tax if he ever goes over it. And I think he will. I imagine come the off season the Mets will be big time spenders. Hate when a rival gets a competent owner.

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