Jason Peters Gets His Wish, And His Money


It allllll works out in the end. And the end was seemingly inevitable.

When Andre Dillard was healthy, Peters was the best left tackle on this Eagles team. Once Dillard was injured, there was no question who should be starting at tackle come Week 1 in Washington.
After a tumultuous camp where Matt Pryor and Jordan Malaita turned Josh Sweat into a Hall of Fame, second coming of Lawrence Taylor, the clock was ticking on the Eagles. They needed a proven, ready tackle. The guy for the job wanted a pay raise (maybe his agent should’ve done his job in the first place, but I digress).
My conspiracy theory is that the Eagles knew Peters was moving to tackle all along. But he checks himself out of every other game, so they needed to learn if they had an adequate back-up tackle. Whether it was a strained bicep, he was winded, or simply had to go back to the locker room to take a shit, JP finds his way to the sideline in almost every game. Is Matt Pryor ready when that time inevitably comes.
So it sounds like Jason Peters pulled the ol’ Godfather trick by doing a favor for the Eagles, but expected a favor in return when called upon. The time has come for the Eagles to take care of the Don, so that Chase Young didn’t put Carson on his ass for 4 quarters straight.
We did a lot of talking about our good pal, Jason Peters, on this weeks episode of Birds vs Boys! Listen to that HERE
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